Open Horse Show

Friday, August 14th at 9am

Class Fees

$5 per class (pre-registration price)

$15 per class (post-entry price)

Entries must be paid or postmarked by August 1st or post-entry fee applies.

Youth Division Requirements

Youth division is defined as age 18 or under by January 1st of the current year. 

Walk/Trot/Jog entries may not have shown in any division at a canter or lope. 

All riders 18  years and under must wear a helmet.

Any rider entered in open classes may not enter youth classes.

Class Listing

  1. Walk/Jog Fitting & Showmanship
  2. Youth Western Fitting & Showmanship
  3. Open Western Fitting & Showmanship
  4. Walk/Jog Pleasure
  5. Walk/Jog Equitation
  6. Walk/Jog Command
  7. Youth Western Pleasure
  8. Open Western Pleasure
  9. Youth Western Equitation
  10. Open Western Equitation
  11. Youth Western Hack
  12. Open Western Hack
  13. Youth Western Command
  14. Open Western Command
  15. Lead Line (No Fee and No Placing)
  16. Walk/Trot Fitting & Showmanship
  17. Youth English Fitting & Showmanship
  18. Open English Fitting & Showmanship
  19. Walk/Trot Pleasure
  20. Walk/Trot Equitation
  21. Walk/Trot Command
  22. Youth English Pleasure
  23. Open English Pleasure
  24. Youth English Equitation
  25. Open English Equitation
  26. Youth English Command
  27. Open English Command

Intent Not To Sue

By submitting the form below, you agree to the following:

The undersigned hereby acknowledges that she/he is fully aware that participation in a horse show or other equine event involves inherent risk of injury due to the behavior of the animals involved and natural conditions. The undersigned hereby waives the right to institute a lawsuit for damages against or to recover damages from the Neversink Agricultural Society based on any injury that occurs due to such inherent risk. The undersigned also affirms that she/he is solely responsible for choosing and maintaining the horse and equipment that the undersigned uses and that the undersigned waives any claim for damages against the Neversink Agricultural Society based on an injury due to the behavior of any animal that participates in a horse show sponsored by the Neversink Agricultural Society due to any equipment failure of defect. The undersigned further acknowledges Neversink Agricultural Society is not responsible for the conduct of other participants in such horse show and their animals and hereby waives any claim for damages against Neversink Agricultural Society based on injury due to contact of another participant in such event or other participant's animal.

Horse Show Entry Form